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Wednesday, November 12, 2003


"The weblog (or blog) is the modern-day secular version of confession, broadcast to the masses. Written in free-form style, blogs are as prevalent on the Web as ads for penile enhancement. Blogging is hip; celebrities do it (, athletes do it (, and politicians do it ( So do civilians like Soulless (, Chickpea 981 (, and "Chubby Momma" Connie (

Blogs are the unpolished DIY zines of the online world, cut 'n' paste creations of journal entries, essays, poems, photos, and artwork. Like the rest of the Internet, lots of blogs have something to do with sex. Tell-all accounts of flirting and foreplay, graphic musings on the art of the blowjob, randy tales of unsafe sex—blogs cover all the bases. You can frolic with a self-proclaimed Vanilla Sex Goddess (, check in on a single guy looking for sex (, or get off on the Journals of a Pleasure Activist ("
The Village Voice: Peek-a-Blog by Tristan Taormino