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Wednesday, December 10, 2003


"On his death bed, while surveying the shabby little room, Oscar Wilde declared: 'This wallpaper is killing me; one of us has got to go.'"

Warning to any aspiring porn stars: make sure your room is decorated tastefully before setting up your webcam, lest your shots wind up under the scrutiny of LURID DIGS.
Heather Corinna: There may be a Santa Claus, Virginia, but that ain't always such a good thing.

Jim Buck: Criminy, mum! You got me everything I wanted for Christmas: a Malibu Barbie in Santa drag and my very own penis! Now I can forget that we live in this stuffy little Manchester hovel and start enjoying life for a change!

Steve G: Caption: December 31, 1999 - Mom and Dad out of the house attending millennium New Year's party, while young Billy plays with the new family Compaq and CUSeeMe.

David K: This is a macabre interior, almost Satanic. The juxtaposition of peeking penis and voodoo doll-like mantel Santa is spooky.The black candles on a makeshift shrine seem to be celebrating the torture and hanging of Garfield the Cat.
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