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Thursday, December 04, 2003

Mayor Bans Gays

(Sao Paulo, Brazil) The mayor of Bocaiuva do Sul has issued a decree that bans gays from living in the town in southern Brazil.
"I need to increase the population, by encouraging people to have kids, not with troublemakers," Elcio Berti told the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo.
The mayor, who claims to be in regular touch with aliens and says they are helping to fund a UFO landing pad he's building in the town, also announced last month that aliens were going to land during a Brazil v Peru football match. 

BUT i'm not sure we should worry about him...
Mayor cancels alien landing over abduction fears

"I cancelled the landing because I was worried they might abduct one of the Brazilian footballers."
The mayor first hit the headlines when he issued a decree banning all birth control methods in Bocaiuva do Sul to try and boost the number of pregnancies to increase federal funding.

Loony Mayor's Baby-Making Campaign: Free Viagra!

"Elcio Berti, the baby-crazy mayor of tiny Bocaiuva do Sul in southern Brazil, has a new plan to help boost the population of his shrinking town: He's going to hand out free Viagra."