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Monday, December 08, 2003

new year's in rio

My friend has been kind enough on updating me on New Year's in Rio. It seems that every other person I talk to is going there this year. All i have to say is: I AM SO FUCKING JEAULOUS! New year's is -- to me -- the best holiday in Brazil. If anyone wants me to hook them up with Marcelo -- GREAT GUY and GREAT APARTMENT (we had it for Carnaval a few years ago and we had a party for about 100 ppl -- COMFORTABLY. Anyway, I always say, it's a different experience when you know (the right) ppl at the country you are going to. And I want everybody only with nice things to say about Brasil... His email. Unedited:
hey guys.. it´s Marcelo, from São Paulo.. long time no see ( some of you, were LUCKY enough to see me in NY.. laughs) anyway.. here goes all the info as for whatt is going on In Rio. for new years.. I know some of you are coming..there is a lot going all those we all know.. the parties that are prior to the 31st.. and after , are the best.. X demente.. and etc..
As for the night of the 31st.. a lot have been said.. a few parties.. one at a place called 'bunker' with the people from Salvation( London).. wich is a mistake.. "very small place.". also going to "le boy" and etc.. is a mistake.. very expensive to go everywhere.( B Cbas charge what they
want.. and people pay.. and all drinks are extra). this night is very packed.. so a liitlle like last year.. we are planing a party at my place.. this year howver it will be in Ipanema( Bigger place)( closer to everyone's hotels.. (distance walking). and it will go untill What I am asking you is to send me an email with all the names ( there will be a host..a cover.. at 100, 00 reais each, or something like 35 U$, for all the expenses.. drinks, dj, waiter,some food.. etc.. you can pay at the entrance..) anyway.. it will start at 10, for those who want to see the fire works from Ipanema ao Lagoa.. for those who still want to see them from Copacabana.. , you can go afterwords...fine.I would like to have you all there.. there won't be more than 150 people.. so I would really need the names ahead.. feel free to bring friends. that might be travelling with you.. I already have confirmation from almost half of the total people .. so.. hurry up.. it will be a lot of fun..
for those who are not coming.. hope to see you soon somewhere else.. for the ones who are.." see you soon.". xoxoxoxo
ps. INfo: Local: Rua Brão de jaguaribe 390/301, Ipanema( at the very corner or the chanel that divides Ipanema from Leblon, at Ipanema side, and Lagoa... five blocks from Ipanema Beach).
Time: from ten pm, till morning.charge: R$ 100,00)( or U$ 35 U$)