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Friday, December 05, 2003

New York Post's guide to surviving holiday

Surviving 10 of the stickiest social situations:
You can't remember the name of the person you are talking to.
"I don't really mind if someone forgets my name, unless it's my mom. As a matter of fact, I kind of resent it when somebody whose name doesn't ring a bell knows mine - it's too much pressure."
You are trapped in conversation with somebody boring
Scream: 'Excuse me, but you're boring the living daylights out of me!' "
You are wearing the same outfit as someone else.
"There's only one option really - go straight up to the other person, buddy up with them, and pretend you planned the whole thing."
You want to introduce yourself to someone.
"Of course, nobody wants to be rejected (there's actually nothing worse), but if you break the ice with a big smile and good energy, that probably won't happen. Of course, it might - but if you want a social life in this city you have to take the occasional risk. You can't just expect it to fall into your lap. And it gets easier with practice."
You think your breath smells.
There's only one way to tell if your breath smells and that is to ask someone.
You are underdressed.
My secret is to always have a pair of great earrings in my purse
Someone throws up.
It is terrible for everybody, but at the time it is really more humiliating for the person's friends than it is for the drunk person. If someone gets sick, you have to physically get them out of the place.

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