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Sunday, January 04, 2004

American Decency

American Decency Association's campaign against Abercrombie&Fitch:
I will place no wicked thing before my eyes.
Psalm 101:3a

"What we can do:
- Praying for A&F decision makers.
- Notify and network - inform all relatives and friends not to give A&F gift certificates for birthdays and holidays.
- Network with other parents, PTA's, youth groups, etc. to tune in to A&F's hidden agenda; drop out of A&F's lifestyle marketing plan; and turn on to clothes, products and entertainment that do not come attached with a lifestyle agenda that is contrary to the biblical ethic of decency.
- Return purchased merchandise to the A&F outlet where you made your purchase and express your concern.
- Boycott A&F."
"In truth, there was nothing in these pictures that most kids hadn't seen before, and in much rawer fashion. Like much of Weber's work, the Abercrombie photos were too stylized -- too improbable -- to be much of a turn-on. They were not erotic so much as just dreamy -- a middle-aged man's fantasy of how sexy young people might look and behave."
The Way We Live Now: Arrested Developments
"It's possible, in other words, that it's the older generation, not the younger, that has sex on the brain, and that our fears about what teenagers would get up to, if offered prescription-free morning-after pills or unlimited access to the A&F Quarterly, are really projections of what's going on in our own heads."