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Saturday, January 03, 2004

Electricity Garden

The American Thinker: "One persecuted group unlikely to find support from United Nations “human rights” advocates consists of Palestinian homosexual males. Subject to torture and death at the hands of the Palestinian police authorities, not to mention their own families, gay males frequently flee to Israel, which signed a 1951 UN human rights declaration that it would offer refuge to those persecuted for their sexual orientation."


A male prostitute waits for a client on Dec. 18
in Tel Aviv´s Electricity Garden area,
where many gay Palestinians work the streets.

"Tricked out in drag or the tight, modish attire of Western urban youth, dozens of gay Palestinian runaways eke out a dangerous living on Israel’s streets.

For these gay men, life in the seedy parts of central Israel is far better than the virtual death sentences they fled in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

For homosexual Palestinians,
Israel is their best shot at safety


Israel signed the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees covenant of 1951, guaranteeing asylum for anyone persecuted on the basis of sexual orientation. The country’s Interior Ministry said any gay Palestinian can apply to remain in Israel indefinitely if persecution is proven, but the ministry gave no figures on how many such applications have been filed."