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Saturday, January 03, 2004

New York Films

"In Hollywood's eyes, New York is generally either a glistening paradise of glamour and romance or a backstabby cesspool of depravity and lies. I've always preferred the latter vision, not only because it may be more accurate but because it's usually tinged with a barbed, titillating wit that makes the cesspool seem like so much fun."
via The Village Voice
ny, ny
"I'm so smitten by any New York representation, I'll even take it by way of pseudo-Simon—like Stuart Rosenberg's The April Fools, a delicious 1969 comedy in which perfectly coiffed Catherine Deneuve improbably falls for tired businessman Jack Lemmon with the help of the flick's other major character, Central Park. But my ultimate New York romantic comedy is Blake Edwards's '61 Breakfast at Tiffany's because, like Midnight Cowboy, it's basically a love affair between two hustlers with a dream. (Even better, these 'hos have style.) The extremely loose adaptation of Truman Capote's novel has prostie Audrey Hepburn and kept fiction writer George Peppard forcing each other to look in proverbial mirrors, but not before indulging us in mod parties, sunglassed strolls down Fifth Avenue, and glamorous whoring rituals. New York has never looked as sophisticated as it does in this celebutante classic, and I've been starting the day with a cup of diamonds and orange juice ever since."