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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

A ruff rider.

the dog rode my subway.

No, not another one of Kitchenbeard's excuses.

New Yorkers - at least this one - love stories of animals and the city. Tigers in NY have been my obsession. Especially when they have an alligator as a roomate. Last week Darla's adventures were - and still are - surreal. And I'm getting a kick out of today's news about Koko, the gorilla. Plus Gothamist on Primarily Primates. It all gives new meaning to the expression 'it's a jungle out there'.

Now, the dog that rode the subway:
"Maybe it had an appointment somewhere. Who knows what a dog does?" - Passenger at Burke Avenue - "She was probably going to see the sights or see an old friend at the Bronx Zoo." - Another train passenger - "I guess she [was waiting] for an express train or something" - Officer John Santana, who may end up adopting her - the dog is at Animal Control, where they are waiting for an owner to claim her.

"Gothamist (again) doesn't know how they feel about dogs in purses, cats in carriers, or goldfish in bags, but if they don't take up another seat, it's probably okay."

But, as Mr. DF LOVES to point out, there is always my version, your version and everybody else's versions. Or something like that. Memefirst on monkeys: "I would like to come down firmly on one side of the monkey issue. Monkeys, I regret to inform you, are bad."