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Monday, August 30, 2004

The man who came for drinks.

Bear Blast, blah, blah, blah, lots of fun, blah, blah, blah.

Especially yesterday when, after trying (unsuccessfully) to get arrested over the weekend, Mr. SK decided to join me on the roof so I could try to show to him how much fun it is.

But I just wanted to make sure he knows I am in no way embarassed about the way we met. A couple of people at the Eagle asked how we knew each other - him being a new (very cute) face there. Apparently, I was not sure how to answer it.

A couple of Sundays ago he approached me at Big Cup and asked if I was Brazilian and that we had chatted on Manhunt. I didn't doubt him, it's just that the whole Online cruising thing was such a failed experiment for me that I barely remember it. I could never trade the eye-to-eye contact, not even for just plain sex. In his own words, Manhunt is basically a grocery store of men and we all know there is very little truth in advertising and I need substance. I'm just glad I made an impression, enough he would remember me so long after. And that he came back into Big Cup to give me his phone number.

Miami is Beautiful.

Image sent by Mr. DW, who now lives in beautiful Miami and was last night at the MTV VMA's. But I also think that Miami is boring. So, move back Mr. DW. NYC (and its people) misses you.

Protesting in NYC.

"I had worried that the weather would keep people away. 'I know that they compromised the Constitution and destroyed democracy, but it is so humid!!!'"



Angry pink phallus.

and, in the spirit of fair & balanced coverage:

Gawker helps Republican delegates get laid.


Sunday, August 29, 2004

Other signs.

A village in Texas is missing its idiot.
Lick Bush and Dick in 2004.

The March II.

 It took me a while to get into it. First, one of my (now ex-) friends stood me up. "Something came up in my life." Should I be concerned? Based on previous history, nah!

As I walked up 7th Ave and the crowd got thicker and more creative, the energy became contagious. I hooked up with friends on 20th and for a short while we marched along the Ralph Nader contingent. Not by choice. So we had to let them go ahead.

We chose to march along the dragon that caught on fire. They were playing better music (Hey, Ya). And were cuter. Mr. RT and I had to keep reminding each other to focus on the issues.

Favorite sign I saw:

2 hours later we had moved all of 7 blocks (just now, at 5:30pm, I received a txtmsg update saying the end of the march had reached Union Square). Mr. RT and E, the good fags they are, decided to go have brunch instead.

And I was left with the responsability to carry on the message.

All and all it was an amazing experience. But way too many things to show and tell to do justice here. I'll leave it up to professional sources.

Last dance.

This was great & this just fucked up.

All found in this week's NYT Fashion & Style section:

'Fighting about politics is like doing drugs,' he told me. 'You know you shouldn't get involved, but once you start, you lose all control.'

Crystal Meth "'turns people into antisocial zombies. It makes people hostile and delusional."

"This month, the band's debut album, 'Scissor Sisters,' reached the No. 1 spot on the Billboard electronic and 'heatseeker' charts. And as Mr. Shears becomes known less for his body than for his voice, a synthesis of Elton John, Mick Jagger and a Gibb, he is shopping for more demure trousers"

Saturday, August 28, 2004

The March

United for Peace and Justice: Important Logistical Information for August 29.

UPDATE: Sign up for text messaging for information during the march here (sign up for the comms_dispatch group).

Is Chris Harbinson Gay?

I would not normally care either way but I sure hope he isn't. But the least I can do I write this post so anytime anyone does a Google Search of his name they will get here. And see how big of an ass he is.

My friends Mr. EP and Mr. CF also agree.

the circus is coming to town.


Mr. SK had mentioned the Critical Mass (Critical Mass is not an organization, it's an unorganized coincidence. It's a movement ... of bicycles, in the streets.) event when we had dinner on Thursday. It was one among many stories left unfinished in an extremely pleasant summer night. I thought about it again when the bikers rode pass the store last night for what felt like hours. I was sad I could not be among them. It just seemed like the coolest thing to be doing.

It was not until much later that I learned the bike ride had become VERY political. How could it not have at this point? The city is being invaded yet it is the new york tax-payer who is being harassed and inconvenienced the most. You are free to set up your tent anywhere. But we should be free to complain about it.

I hope Mr. SK has kept his cool as he does not seem to be very lucky when riding a bike.

And especially because WE have plans this Sunday.

Critical Mass arrests, blogged.

sportsmanship. or is it dignity?

This guy is an asshole. So is this one.

And a reminder:
The best moments in the Olympics have little to do with which large and powerful country can accumulate the most medals (the United States was well ahead of China and Russia at last count) or even which highly talented athletes can turn in superhuman performances. The real drama comes in those heart-tugging moments when some improbable underdog triumphs against all expectations, or some unheralded competitor grabs a medal, any medal, and electrifies a smaller nation.

My biggest nightmare.

"His telephone number was still listed in the telephone directory and his condominium fees and bills were automatically being withdrawn from his bank account.

No one knew Jim Sulkers had died in his bed almost two years ago."

#5 . . . because you are intellectually incurious

You are ignorant about the outside world and dislike people amongst your number who aren't, to the extent that John Kerry is distrusted because he speaks French. We know more about America than you do about us.

E-mail Addresses It Would Be Really Annoying to Give Out Over the Phone. [McSweeney's]


Doctors grow new jaw in man's back. []

Friday, August 27, 2004

Sunday in the Park

"Organizers of United for Peace and Justice and the police seem relieved to have an agreement for a march at midday on Sunday that will include a stretch of Fifth Avenue and the streets outside the convention site at Madison Square Garden. It will end at Union Square, a spot rich with the history of social activism in New York City. Marchers are supposed to disperse at the route's end, but with most of the day remaining, many protesters are expected to trek north to Central Park."

Public Service
Counter Convention: Republican National Convention Protest Tools and Resources.
Forwarded by Mr. SK, who has posted free housing (his) for activists.
Question: do you need to be an out-of-towner to apply?

spontaneous acts at high-profile locations meant to draw maximum attention.

Good ol' ACT UP. I remember when...

The New York Times: Protests Come Early, and So Do Arrests.

Under Pressure


"Insanity laughs
Under pressure we're cracking
Can't we give ourselves one more chance?
Why can't we give love that one more chance?
Why can't we give love?
Give love?
Cause love's such an old fashioned word
Love dares you to care for
the people on the edge of the night
Love dares you to change our way of
caring about ourselves

This is our last dance
This is our last dance
This is ourselves
Under pressure.

The day after.

A little advice for Mr. Roz:

"Thirty-five is a very attractive age. London society is full of women of the very highest birth who have, of their own free choice, remained thirty-five for years."

Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest, Act 3.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Happy Birthday Mr. Roz.



The Beginning, re-posted.

Mr. Roz and I were already friends for a couple of years. We were probably 21? Over 20 years ago. And we finally were going to fulfill a gay boy's dream: we had four tickets for Elza Soares, The 'Ella Fitzgerald' of samba. Diva, south american way. We were, as always, if modesty allows me to say it, being ahead of our time by recognizing her greatness.

And we decided that we would use the chance to ask guys on a date. Not necessarily a sex date, but people we felt an attraction to, which VERY often gay guys confuse with sexual attraction.

We brought Mr. LP and Dr. WM to the concert.

It was the beginning of a lifetime friendship, in spite of one death happening in the meantime.

Back to the concert. Elza Soares had led a full life and this was the 're-invention' tour and she wanted to be taken seriously, more than just a sambist, a Jazz Singer. And she told us so. "From now on I will only sing intelligent songs". And she proceeded to perform "O Pato", losely translated bellow and sang by João Gilberto above. That song sealed the deal for us.

O pato
The duck
vinha cantando alegremente, quen, quen
came singing happily, quack quack
Quando um marreco sorridente pediu
When a wild duck smilingly asked
para entrar tambem no samba
to also join in the samba
no samba, no samba
the samba, the samba

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Loretta Lux

I became a big fan of Loretta Lux when I first saw The Wanderer. Via kottke.


love is.

God Is A Bottom.

If you forsake me, and serve strange gods, then I will turn and do you hurt.
(Josh. 24:20)

As noted by Joe. My. God.

unending scream

 "In his diary Munch wrote: 'I was walking along the street with two friends - the sun was going down - I felt a touch of melancholy. Suddenly the colour of the sky changed to blood-red. I stopped walking and leaned against a fence feeling tired to death ... I stood there trembling with fear - and I felt how a long unending scream was going through the whole of nature.'"

From a NYT OpEd: "If any painting could express its opinion about being stolen, while being stolen, Edvard Munch's 'The Scream' is surely the one."

And from BBC: Greatest heists in art history.

Monday, August 23, 2004

First Brazilian Gold Medal in Athenas 2004: Robert Scheidt, Sailing (Laser).

blah blah blah

Five Facts about 'The Scream' which, amazingly, was not insured.

NBC Olympic coverage - HYPERBOLE ALERT: 'This is American history.'

Beach Volleyball: Brazil beats Brazil.

Do not click on his face.

Franziska Sinn Photography via The Morning News.

"The Gov. Jim, of NJ, is gay. He got his man a job (was it as the man get him a job?). Now he did say "I'll not be the gov as of Nov. 15."" -- Mad Ape Den: A blog that only uses words that contain three or fewer letters.

Glowing Pink.

Fluorescent pink dye in fertilizer designed to discourage meth-maker theft.
"Farmers are hoping that a pink-colored stain, called GloTell, will prevent speed chemists from stealing their anhydrous ammonia, which is used as a crop fertilizer. It's also a critical ingredient in methamphetamine manufacture.
The visible stain, even if washed off, was still detectable by ultraviolet light 24 to 72 hours later....

'Most people that are drug users, they like a clean-looking drug if they are going to ... put it in their body,' Clements said. 'We know the end-product is not pretty at all.'

Snort it, and it turns the nose fluorescent pink. Inject it, and the telltale pink shows up at the injection site, he said.

I'm guessing this will fail. Speed users would rather have pink noses than no speed. Adding green food coloring to beer doesn't stop people from drinking on Saint Patrick's Day. So why would speed users turn up their nose at a line of pink-colored crystal meth?"

in his own words.

"While there are many different and sometimes competing influences, it is my humble hope that my "coming out" could, in some small way, help those gay Americans who have yet to become open with their sexuality. To be gay, for me, was not a choice, but simply stating a reality. Now at peace with arguably one of the most important truths of my life, it is my prayer that I will now be free to live openly and integrate my sexuality with my daily life. This integration will hopefully help my actions, my thoughts and my heart to be in alignment going forward, keeping me from the pitfalls of a divided self or secret truths.

Much has been said about my decision not to resign immediately, but to set Nov. 15 as the effective date of my resignation. My initial inclination was to accept responsibility, apologize and move on quickly. The more I reflected, however, the more I realized that leaving office abruptly would be an abandonment of responsibility."
I Still Have Work to Do

"Still, it's funny to think that McGreevey will be a more effective governor during his lame-duck period, versus the earlier part of his term."

Sunday, August 22, 2004

niagara rainbow: [daily dose of imagery]


and artistic license.
In sum, artistic license is:
* A tool.
* Entirely at the the artist's discretion.
* To be tolerated by the viewer.
* Neither "good" nor "bad".
* Useful for filling in gaps, whether they be factual, compositional, historical or otherwise.
* Used consciously or unconsciously, intentionally or unintentionally or in tandem.
* There for the taking, and not subject to yearly renewal, inspection, fees or a bad snapshot on an ID card.

Antarctic survivor says famed cameraman fabricated scenes and doctored images. It absolutely does not change anything for me. They are the most inspiring pictures of the most inspiring story I have ever heard.

They are the photographs that show what is perhaps the greatest story of endurance and valour ever told, the epic narrative of Ernest Shackleton's near-fatal Antarctic expedition of 1914.

The explorer's desperate bid to save the lives of his crew has been hailed as the epitome of human achievement against the odds, while the arresting images captured by Frank Hurley's camera have ensured that the historic events have kept an icy grip on public imagination.


No Zanzibar
Essa menina bonita botou amor em mim
No Zanzibar
Os Orixás acenaram com o não/sim
Caetano Veloso

In Brazil, Zanzibar has always been this mythical place akin to Shangri-La. I hope that has changed:

A law imposing a prison term of up to 25 years for anyone convicted of having gay sex has gone into effect in Zanzibar, an archipelago off the east African coast.

The GWB Joke.

"As Mr. Ferrell plays him today, the president is still a dunce, entranced by his Gameboy and terrified of a horse grazing innocently nearby. But he has become an ideologue. 'There are certain liberal agitators out there who'd like you to believe my administration is not doing such a good job,' he warns in the ad. 'Of course, these are people such as Howard Stern, Richard Clark and the news.'"

Can you hear me?

 Iconic Munch Painting Stolen from Museum in Norway.

"Armed men stormed into an art museum Sunday, threatened staff at gunpoint and stole Edvard Munch's famous paintings "The Scream" and "Madonna" before the eyes of stunned museum-goers."

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Word of the day: finding something unexpected while searching for something else entirely.

Example: People one can meet (twice) while having breakfast at Big Cup.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Reykjavík at night.

"Back in January, I traveled to Iceland to work on a profile of Björk, which appears in this week's New Yorker. I later went to Salvador, Brazil, and London, England. Here I'm posting scattered snapshots from the Iceland and Brazil trips, fleshing out scenes described in the profile."
The Rest is Noise blog by Alex Ross, the music critic of The New Yorker.


(lyrics by björk & sjón)

one breath away from mother Oceanía
your nimble feet make prints
in my sands
you have done good for yourselves
since you left my wet embrace
and crawled ashore
every boy is a snake is a lily
every pearl is a lynx is a girl

sweet like harmony made into flesh
you dance by my side
children sublime
you show me continents
- i see islands
you count the centuries
- i blink my eyes

hawks and sparrows race in my waters
stingrays are floating
across the sky
little ones - my sons and my daughters
your sweat is salty
i am why

Oceania is more than a continent.

Katie Couric has crossed the line and now she is just plain annoying with her joking all the time. The Today show has become ridiculous. The idea was to make it light not a comedy. A very silly one.

The fact she (along with Bob Costas) ruined the Olympic ceremony and, especially for me, Bjork's performance was the last drop.

But the Greek Gods (actually, Italians) took pity on this mere mortal and posted her performance in its entirity here. Oceania is a beautiful song and the vision of her dress flodding the athlet's field goosebump provoking.

Thank you ultrasparky for directing me to it.


 My very thoughts, but expressed by fleshbot:
"The only thing pornier than the spread-eagled photo of US gymnast Paul Hamm on the front page of the New York Times today is the breathless twin-on-twin softcore porn slash prose in the accompanying article: "The reunion out of the way, the twins climbed into bed and shut the lights. For a long time, Paul Hamm laid motionless in the dark, still awestruck ...""

Bank Robbery 101

You just, like, go in there, and give them the note. And they going to give you the money. It's as simple as that.
Cash and Carried Away via The Washington Post.

Public Service:

From one of this blog's visitor, in reference to Mirch:

"Had dinner there last friday after reading about it in New York Times, for me the food served was a never to be repeated nightmare.

If interested in Indochinese food try Tangara Masala in Queens.


No, thank you! But where is Tangara Masala???

Thursday, August 19, 2004

gayroll on the payroll.

"The gay revelation was a momentous event that, sadly, could have only happened out of shame, not pride. Even more so than showbiz closets, political ones are generally so airtight that it takes flat-out blackmail (or at least a possible sexual harassment suit) to fling them open and a smoking butt to keep them that way. The days when a married pol announces "Yep, I'm gay" just because he feels like it are as far away as Michael Jackson begging the FBI to chaperone his next date."

Alien vs. Predator

"In his August 12 speech saying he'll step down into Garden State ignominy, McGreevey seemed as dignified as his administration was unpopular and as well-intentioned as his reign was called corrupt, failing to register as any kind of stereotypical gay psycho killer or colorist. At least that's how it all seemed at first. When the pixie dust cleared, it became more obvious that the Drumthwacket-eer had played the lavender card and blinded us to the fact that he'd apparently put gayroll on the payroll and used taxpayer money to fund dubious jobs for what was basically a glorified trick, whether real or imagined."

Transcripts of OnStar Service Conversations Not Selected for Commercials.

"OnStar: Hello, OnStar.

Customer: My ice cream, it’s locked in the car, and it’s melting.

OnStar: Your ice cream is melting?

Customer: Yes, please hurry! It’s like 200 degrees in there!

OnStar: What kind of ice cream is it, ma’am?

Customer: Rocky road!

OnStar: I’m unlocking the vehicle now, ma’am.

Customer: Hurry! My three-year-old is in the car, too! I’m worried he’s going to eat the ice cream! I don’t want him to get fat! That would reflect poorly on my parenting skills!"

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Welcome to NY...


What he will miss about San Francisco, among many things: the Sunday afternoon beer bust at the Eagle.

I say: come to the Sunday afternoon beer bust at the Eagle in New York and we will make you feel very welcome.

Not a sexual innuendo.

They found the world's deepest hole.

Country or Rock&Roll?

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

My favorite olympic moment. And the gayest. so far.
Greek diving heroes Nikolaos Siranidis and Thomas Bimis: Greek duo revel in golden delight.

More on these greek classics here.

Garden State

G is for Gay Governor

First a movie about the state, now a Gay Governor... what's next- the World's Fair?

What an exciting time to be from New Jersey. Why's he quitting? Hell even Marion Barry hung in as Mayor of D.C. after he got caught taking a sip of the crack rock."
Zach Braff's Garden State Blog

Note: I really, really liked the movie. Zach Braff is very talented as an actor and now as a director.

blah blah blah

Brazil's first medal in Athens. via We, Like Sheep.

More than One Thousand Reasons to vote against Bush.

[daily dose of imagery]: distillery district, downtown toronto.

Hollywood, remixed: Gandhi vs. Tootsie

Ruff! Ruff! "Say his name out loud among a gaggle of women or gay men, and watch as their minds turn filthy and their voices get deep and dumb with longing..."

Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape: GREAT, legal AND free downloadable music.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Brazilian beach volleyball olympic team.

UPDATE via kottke : "Seven out of the current top twenty most popular photos on Yahoo! News are of female Olympian asses. Current gold medalist in this particular competition is Sandra Pires, Brazilian beach volleyballer."

(no) satisfaction

"I can’t get no satisfaction,
I can’t get no satisfaction.
’cause I try and I try and I try and I try.
I can’t get no, I can’t get no."

"Anything I need
Gotta have it, bet I’m gonna grab it
Ain’t nothin’ better than the satisfaction"

"Push me
And then just touch me
Till I can get my satisfaction"


The Most Untranslatable Word In The World.

Saudade is #7 and plenipotentiary is the #1 among english words.

On the subject of words>>> WORDCOUNT: tracking the way we use language, is an amazing graphic representation of english words ranked by usage.

The last of the Stooges.

The last of the Stooges is dead, reports the LA Times. Paul 'Mousie' Garner, a slapstick comedian believed to be the last survivor among the men who played one of the Three Stooges over the comedy team's 50 years of cranial contusions and eye-poking ridiculousness, died last Sunday of natural causes. He was 95.
WOW Report

Growing up in Brasil, The Three Stooges were like an ubiquitous spook. They seemed to be on TV all the time (actually, they were on while lunch was being prepared) and I must have watched every episode at least five times. Apparent unlike role models they actually were the best a geeky lonely kid could have hoped for. "I must say growing up wouldn't be the same without a few nyuk, nyuk's or a few bops on the head. Life would have been so boring without the Three Stooges comedy."

I heart cypriots.

For no apparent reason, some of my most dear friends are from Cyprus.
We connect. What could it be? The cultures are so different yet the sensibility is remarkably the same.
I really did not know much about Cyprus - I'm ashamed to admit - until I dated one Greek Cypriot a couple of years ago. That was the beggining...

So, whoever you are, visitors from Cyprus, I'm honored.

[image: the latest 100 visitors to this web site]


Sunday, August 15, 2004

Porteiro Zé

O Recado is one of the many (my favorite) small gems out of the Porteiro Zé site, forwarded to me by Mr. LV, my newly appointed Brazilian Editor.

Portuguese only. Sorry: REALLY BAD PORTUGUESE. And that's why it's so great!

the Modern Olympics

Experts answer what they know. The Non-Expert answers anything.
The Morning News take on the Olympic Games with overviews of some athletic events:
Track & Field
Jumping over some things, throwing others, and running around—that’s it. Track and field events epitomize the Olympian ethos, filled as they are with Greek prefixes and word forms—deca, tri, bi, hetero.

The events increase in difficulty in direct relation to the height of things jumped, the weight of things thrown, and the length of distances run. It’s so simple and classically Greek, it’s like the Lumberjack Challenge, except way, way longer, and no pancakes afterwards.

the ethicist

Purchasing mushrooms when I need only the cap, I sometimes discard the stem in the store, paying for only the part of the fungus I want to use. Is this acceptable? I am taking only what I need and paying for what I require; surely stem lovers can grab the stems for themselves. So how much mushroom should I pay for? Thaddeus Verhoff, Washington

I'm with you
. That's why when I go to the supermarket, I bring my boning knife and trim those pork chops so I get just the meat; surely bone lovers can grab the bones for themselves. The store sets the per-pound price assuming people will weigh and pay for the mushrooms with stems as displayed. Were they to sell caps only, they would charge more per pound.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Obscene Interiors: Interior design in online hardcore personal ad photos

Breaking news!

Vogueing to become an Olympic Sport. Or is it Bitchslapping?

Tonga, Tonga, Tonga.

Opening ceremony will be less wordy: "With the advantage of taped coverage, NBC will try to show each national delegation. But because they'll enter according to the order of the Greek alphabet — the USA will come between the United Arab Emirates and Japan — NBC also will use a continuous graphic explaining who's on tap. And rather than having co-hosts Bob Costas and Katie Couric rattle off nuggets about each country, says NBC executive vice president David Neal, viewers will get that via 'pop-up' graphics. Says Neal: 'That way, Bob and Katie aren't put in a position to just be in a big download.'

Well, Katie and Bob's nuggets of information were cringe inducing. But then I realized it was one of the few chances most viewers, including NYT daily readers like myself, would ever have to hear ANYTHING about countries with names such as Tonga.

It took Kitchenbeard, L and I a few guesses to figure out the order the countries were coming out. We were at a bar and the TV sound was off, OK?

By the time Bjork ("A tiny Icelandic singer wearing an ocean of a dress") commited another fashion event, Kitchenbeard had gone off to his adventures and L and I had already bought cupcakes...


Ruck Star

New Jersey Governor James McGreevey plays rugby.
"Govenor McGreevey is now the highest ranking gay official in the United States."

gay American

the un-melting pot: I'm having a problem with his choice of qualifiers too.
I have always found it silly that this system requires that we are to assume the right adjective based on, well a persons skin color. And I'm not sure why it's necessary to describe a person by the inherited tribe followed by the current tribe: Asian-American. I don't know what these new titles have done to curb racism in America (which I assume was one of the reasons for creating said system) but it has spawned an entire nonsensical nomenclature for describing people who live in the United States of America.

And it seems to be getting a little out of hand.

Consider today's words of former New Jersey Governor James E. McGreevey, 'My truth is that I am a gay American'.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

GWB, rugby player. And cheerleader.

low culture asks:
"And, rugby...isn't that sort of gay? Not that's there's anything wrong with it!"

I, spill.

Magnolia Bakery, that Sex and the City-era icebox-cake-loving hotspot on Bleecker Street, denies loudly today to the NY Observer that they're closing that yuppie-packed location. We hear otherwise. Repeatedly. But we also know people like to talk about things they don't know anything about.

We also hear that Paris Commune, just up the street, is closing its doors, and there's other massive turnover on the block. (But, still, no apple turnovers!) We love Magnolia, even though we won't wait in line to get in -- perhaps like all great adventures, it must end so that other baked good trends may begin.
Magnolia Bakery: Gather Ye Cupcakes While Ye May

When 18&8 closed recently without notice it upset me that I had taken it for granted and had not had a meal there since a lovely Christmas Eve Dinner with my friend Mr. ALO. Maybe it's better that way, leaving the room on a high note. Good memories...

Last night L and I pondered whether to have a cupcake before dinner as we walked past Magnolia on our way to Miracle Grill where I eventually, somehow, managed to spill my (second) caipirinha caipiroska.

As a proof of my honesty, I had warned L early on about that defect of mine: I spill drinks. Usually ON the person I'm with.

And on a positive (?) note, the waiter felt compelled to buy us an unnecessary third round which he listed on the check under DADDY. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

But, going back to the places that close subject, I'll use the news at the beggining of this post as an excuse to get a second date with L. If I need to.

I heart the Highline

Winners chosen!
The New York Times > Arts > Art & Design > Gardens in the Air Where the Rail Once Ran
"The High Line was built in the 1930s, elevating rail traffic above the streets, which reduced the accidents in the area. When finally completed, the elevated railway stretched for 13 miles. The final train ran on the High Line in 1980 and sections still stand on the West Side, spanning over 20 blocks. With all the precious land that the High Line is on, there were many that called for the development of the space, but preservationists prevailed, saving the High Line from demolition."


Proud blog daddy.

Mr. JJ, my honorary editor and dance partner, has become quite a celebrity in the blogworld with Joe. My. God. and I'm quite proud of it. Since I first read his earliest writings, which I can only describe as "installation art", I have been his number 1 fan. So I'm honored he kept me on top of his blogroll, even tough it screws up the alphabetical order (and it must be driving him ape - to use a monkey related expression). Is he making fun of my obsessions now?
Forced Retirement

His codpiece bulging
His hair styled high
Roy *snapped* his whip
As the tigers raced by

One Bengal took issue
And reared in her place
And sank her huge fangs
Thru the Lancome on Roy's face

His costume in tatters
Bloodied Roy softly said
'Forget 911 ,call Edith Head!'

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Beached Humpback Whale Dies in Brazil: Firefighters try for the second day to save a beached humpback whale in Jurujuba beach, suburb of Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

self reference.

"I was dreamin' when I wrote this
Forgive me if it goes astray"

List of self referential songs.

The Pregnant Prom Dress

"When I started this website I never thought I would see anything like this!"

Noah. Of Ark.

Albino Neutrino's Noah's Big Soggy Log is the funniest thing I've been reading lately. Day 8 goes like this:

"I called everyone on deck and told a joke.

Knock knock

Who's there?


Noah who?

Noah idea.

The silence that followed was like an unfriendly blancmange. Shem threw an otter at me. There was a brief round of applause. We all went back to staring at the water."

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Image by Meccapixel.