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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The best dad.

 "The Emperor is the largest of the penguins, three or four feet tall, weighing up to 90 pounds. If he doesn’t smoke too much, he could live to see 30. In late summer, these big creatures preen and spoon and then slap on their Barry White albums and get it on. In June, as the long, dark arctic winter is dawning, the female penguin deposits a single perfect egg, the size of a decent ruby grapefruit, there on the sea ice.

Then she splits for the feeding grounds to gorge on krill and calamari while Dad takes over. Wearing just a feather tuxedo and a bright orange bow tie, he hunkers down over the egg, tucking it between his belly flap and his leathery webbed feet. Like an overdressed Horton the Elephant, he stands there for the rest of the winter, 115 days at 40 degrees below zero. Beyond shifting his weight from foot to foot, he doesn’t budge. Beyond whatever crumbs he may have caught in his bridgework, he doesn’t eat. And then, as spring breaks, so does the egg. The Empress returns to take over the diaper changing and the dad gets to take a break, hit the john, and have a sandwich."
The Morning News - Peanut: An Introduction.