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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Mem’ries, like the corners of my mind...

(Robin) Williams's character, Alan Hakman, anthologizes the greatest hits from people's memories into mini-movies that are marketed as Rememories, selected from so-called Zoë Chips, devices implanted in people's brains at birth to record a lifetime's experiences. The metaphoric possibilities suggested by the Zoë Chip are endless...
The New York Times > Movies > THE FINAL CUT
Life is funny this way.

Friday, after posting about stories not belonging to me I went to see a movie that had just opened here and I had never heard of, THE FINAL CUT, with Robin Willians. It probably came out in the US while I was... sleeping, as I prefer to say.

The funny part (not ha-ha funny) is the subject: what is our moral obligation towards someone else's memories (if we could physically handle them) and who do they belong to? If you are part of someone's memories, don't you have some rights over them???

Too metaphysical, gave me a headache.