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Friday, August 29, 2003


i'll state the obvious: LV is all about money.

money money money money money
money makes the world go around.

SO if a hotel has an art exhibit it's foolish to search for a higher motivation. the job of art curator in a LV hotel must be part of the marketing director's responsibilities.
and art shows are not on the top of anyone's to do list here.

AND that's how i find myself alone at the 'andy warhol - the celebrity portraits' with audio guide by liza minelli.
the show is the best example i could never come up with to explain my point.

i like warhol. and was glad to see, once again, the pieces in real life. they've been published countless times but as with any work of art, the experience of seeing it live is transcending. liza's narration adds absolutely nothing but is very suiting - they are short comments on the celebrity portrayed and a chance she has to drop names.