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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

'bear for one on one' messages

Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003
To: vasco
Subject: New contact from Your Bear411 Profile
From: otherguy29

You have received a response to your Bear411 Profile.
To answer him, just reply this email. If this person has entered an
incorrect email address I can not help more.

Hey there Vasco!
I had seen your ad a number of times and figured it was time to write
to you after getting all hard and horny !
I see you here in all your bear glory that's so very damn sexy that it was time to contact you.
I am 48, 5'11", 195 lbs, br/br, average build, goatee & stache, hairy, 100% Italian guy.
I live in the northern suburbs of New York and commute to work in midtown NYC for a major cable sports network.
Love sports and sporting events, music, movies, a good book , a cold beer, some
good food & wine ( being Italian ! ) and the company of an interesting and sexy man.

I am married but prefer and enjoy having sex with men.

Love to kiss (am told very good at it ) and am a very sensual and passionate person.
To explore each other's body with our hands, mouth and tongue is very erotic
and what I love most about a man. The feel of a hot, hairy man's
body ( like yours ) is sheer heaven !

Am a total top and love being so. But if my lover prefers not to bottom,
we can still have enough ways to please one another to reach a pleasurable climax.
I am a decent, masculine, nice guy, D&D free, HIV- not kinky but loves passionate vanilla
sex with a man. Hope this peaks your interest and you write back to me. Really like
your looks and that hot, sexy body I would love to explore from head to toe.

You just give the impression of an overall good guy and just the
type I would like to get to meet and have some enjoyable time with in bed.
Can send some pics if you reply and please feel free to send more of yourself as well.
Reply to: otherguy29

Look forward to hearing back from you big guy
as I think we can have some very good times together.
Ciao !