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Monday, August 18, 2003

Brazilian Modern Art
Tarsila do Amaral (1886-1973)

"Although she did not take part in Modern Art Week in 1922 (she was in Paris at the time), Tarsila do Amaral became a kind of 'first lady' of the modernist movement in Brazil and played a part of great importance."

óleo/tela 85 X 73cm
Assin.:"11-1-1928", aniversário de Oswald de Andrade

Abaporu - the most important brazilian painting. it was painted as a gift to the writer Oswald de Andrade, her husband at the time. she and her friends were in shock when they saw it finished: they felt it represented something exceptional. Tarsila named it Abaporu ('the man who eats' in tupi-guarani, a native brazilian language). that inspired Oswald to write the Manifesto Antropófago and their group of friends, representants of brazilian intelectuals of the time, to start the Movimento Antropofágico, with the intention to 'digest' the european culture and transform it in something brazilian. This was a radical take on the ongoing Movimento Modernista brasileiro at the time.