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Sunday, August 17, 2003

from Mark Nelson

"I haven't brought up this up this OLD girlfriend of mine for awhile...
I have been reminded as of late, of the ravages & destruction that this 'girl' has been actively doing in our world. I love everyone! But...
I HATE her...
I used to hang w/ Kris ALL the time, & a year ago, I told it it was either her or me...
I WON... She left
that should have taken care of it... NASTY thing!
But NO She leaves reminders of her sorry self EVERYWHERE around me.

Kris loves a party... She loves to party... She loves to make you feel you are the center of the universe.
She likes to control situations around her...
She 'seems' to make you feel SO good about 'stuff'.
She is hi-maintenance & needs to be dealt w/ constantly.

PEOPLE: She is NOT your friend.

If you have someone you care for who hangs out w/ Kris...
Or because of Kris you don't care for them lately...
She changes people. Sort of the Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde syndrome.
Kris is a drug; If you need a drug in your life, let it be LOVE.

Kris is short for Crytal Meth: She is THE ultimate bitch.

I may be winning my battle, but the war continues...

Those who do this drug, think they control it. NO YOU DON'T
Those who do this drug, don't think others know it. WE DO
Those who do this drug, become paranoid & delusional. YOU DO
Those who do this drug, think they are invincible. YOU AREN'T
Those who do this drug, think they are better lovers. NO NO NO
Those who do this drug, think they get more work done. NOPE
There is NOT a cure for this. The only help is abstinance.
There is NO argument people.
She RUINS lives...

Have I made my point?"