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Monday, August 18, 2003

From: mr. h
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 17:23:31 -0400
Subject: Re: my posts

My dear mr. v

Yes. You are alive indeed. And you can do whatever you want with your blog--as well you should. It is your blog after all. I don't disagree with anything you say. Nothing is carved in stoned, however. I think it's more interesting to read something you write one day and then hours, days, or weeks later read how your opinion has changed on the matter. It shows growth. I admit in all my writings, freely, that I contradict myself all the time. I do. I also make fun of it. What I write one day changes from moment to moment. When I finish writing a piece I sometimes think, how silly. But I'm done with it. Now I can move to something else or see the errors of my thinking when I set it down on paper. You'd be surprised at how many times I've said to myself, "What an idiot." But writing helps me think and look at myself better. When we learn to dance and celebrate our contradiction, we become human. When we learn to make fun of ourselves, we become divine. Be divine! But above all, have fun. In everything you do.

mr. h