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Wednesday, August 27, 2003


to quote a friend of mine:
"and all you have to do is say yes!"

resistance is futile. i caved in watching the dancing water fountain in front of the bellagio.
sarcasm gone, i lead the applause at the end.

resistance is futile. all it took was winning my first 50 with one quarter.

rehearsal dinner was at olives @ the bellagio. as you might know, my stubborness resulted in a cosmopolitan drenched mother of the bride.

afterwards we went to a private party for perry ellis (it's fashion week here) where tracy young was dj'ing. the vip pass hanging from my neck was like garlic to a vampire. it screamed to me: YOU ARE NOT VIP.

resistance is futile

and that was the first day - the day i caved in and decided that i would have fun in LV.