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Thursday, August 28, 2003


Kenny has been an extremely generous host, everything has been planned to perfection.
We were put at the Alladin and it's a fine hotel, all amenieties included. The wedding party has 8 rooms in total. Him & Sinval have been here for 3 weeks straight, working on fashion shows, and know their way around pretty well. 'Around' is a figure of speech because all LV is is 'The Strip'.

The strip is an island surrounded by desert. One road. A long road that looks misleadingly short. The Bellagio is across the street but it takes us half hour to walk there.

Besides Kenny, the bride and the groom, the cast of characters includes the bride's parents and a friend of theirs, Tracy who works with Kenny, Heather, Gina's best friend, Phil from Boston, Joe and Doug, Nilma from Brasil and Paulo, one of my friendster's friend and Sinval's friend as well. 14 people.

I did not know most of them but it does not strike me as odd that we get along so well. We are sort of all from the same tribe - in this case, close friends of Gina and Sinval, and it makes sense we share similar views and attitudes.

None of us are tourists, really. We all are NY cynical about LV. (my first impressions from yesterday still hold BUT i must admit I was under the influence of a couple of cosmopolitans and also add that LV is MUCH nicer at night. LIGHTING is everything.)

Day two was spent by the pool. The weather is hot and perfectly dry. Insularly selfish we are, there is no one else in town that looks remotely interesting. Except for Alex.

Alex is 3 years old and instead of playing in the kid's pool he orbits nearby but refutes my attempts of friendship. For about 5 minutes. Then we become buddies. He is from Afeganistan and he is gorgeous and he is the kind of child i love: smart. I believe one reason kids like me is because i do not baby talk them. Not treating them special makes them treat me special.

The wedding was set for 7pm at the hotel's chappel.