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Tuesday, September 30, 2003


The NYTimes talks about "The Role of the Delete Key in Blog".

The question is whether postings should be edited afterwards for content or even grammar, or if it is of the nature of the blog that postings are to be left alone, a frozen picture of a past moment.

Mercurial's opinion is: "The blog, although communal, devolves the responsibility on the individual: I blog, I have opinions and I create, understand, comment on the world as I see fit. Editing the blog only dilutes the content and the raw feeling that emanates from blogs. Even grammatical flaws and weird constructions identify the writer and their style."

I haven't decided yet, having corrected the grammar, format and even erased postings in the past (for which i got reprimanded by a fellow purist blogger).

With english being my second language, i'm always extremely self-counscious of grammar mistakes - it would bother me A LOT if, knowingly, I did not make a grammar correction.

If my opinion changed after i posted the item, i guess i would follow it up with another posting, commenting on that fact.

If i decide, after i posted, that for any reason, what i said would cause more pain/trouble/annoyance than good or neutral I would definitely go back and erase it - as i have done once since i started.


if we could erase past acts we regret, things we said that hurt people we love, bad memories that haunt our sleep??

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the new Charlie Kaufman movie, to be released at the end of the year, with Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, gets crazy on something like that: a time when you can have bad memories surgically removed from your brain.

"It's about this guy who finds out that his girlfriend of two years has had this surgical procedure which has erased him from her memory. So he's freaked out and trying to live with it and he can't, so he decides to have the same procedure. Most of the movie takes place in his brain as she's being erased, and you see their whole relationship, moment-by-moment, backwards from this sort of bad end to the better beginning. Halfway through, as the memories start getting better, he changes his mind and decides to save her. So he takes her out of the memories she belongs in, and puts her in memories she doesn't belong in, to try and hide her."

BUT i digress...

You can read the movie's 1st draft in PDF