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Monday, September 15, 2003

Friendster Message

from mr. c

> Alright my friend,
V: we are friends now, humm?
> I switched up my profile to reflect myseld a little more. I don't want to send out mixed messages.
V: now i feel guilty. you should not listen to me. ask my friends...
> Anyway, the Raul Julia reference:
a- he's a hottie
V: flattered.
> b- Just the feeling
V: again: humm?
> I am curious to hear what you think of the updated profile. I want meet a down to earth, cool, independent thinking guy. Of course I want to be physically attracted...Does it project that?
V: but mine would be a biased opinion. it would be what mr. v thinks of mr. c. and i think he already likes what he has read. or what he PERCEIVES to be mr. c.
mr. v likes the fact he has tonned down his profile, he gets points for that. but mr. v thinks, above all, mr. c should be true to what he is (and what he is looking for) or he will attract the wrong kind of people. believe me: it's a waste of time. think first - be true to yourself - and then he will come around. (BUT, again, do not take my word on that: i'm still waiting for him too)(not to say i am TOTALLY true to myself)(i know, i told you in the beggining, do not listen to me. ask my friends...)

btw - i'm blogging this: that's what you get for calling me friend...