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Friday, September 05, 2003

| weblog

Yesterday i wrote that my blog is an evolving personal ad. Today i find a description that enlightens it best even to myself in an excellent blog entry at

As i said before, i go on appropriating:
The weblog is the homepage that we wear

"There's not a lot of difference between weblogs and homepages in some respects. Both are spaces to put written content online, for one. But the fact that homepages had no sense of standard structure, required manual updating, were unbound from time and were resolutely non-discursive meant that they were static, lumpen. At their best they became monolithic tomes - bunkers for content, guides updated haphazardly that infinitesimally accrete 'content'. In terms of the distribution of the word, the homepage was like a 'Time Out Guide to {your name here}'. The simple addition of structure and mechanisms for ease of publishing have made the comparable form of expression on weblogs so fluid and quick that it borders on speech. In terms of self-representation, the homepage is like a statue carved out of marble labelled carefully at the bottom where the weblog is like an avatar in cyberspace that we wear like a skin. It moves with us - through it we articulate ourselves. The weblog is the homepage that we wear."