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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

via Mercurial
It amazes me the timing of certain postings i run into. I don't feel great. My friend Mr. DF tells me i should go back to the gym, which i go today for the first time in ages. Now i read that Mercurial is not feeling up either and he directs me to this checklist:
From Dave Pollard's How to Save the World
"1. Eat Well: A good balance of foods, nutritional stuff, avoid excess sugar, alcohol and caffeine, eat regularly and moderately, ensure you get your vitamins and minerals.
2. Light Up Your Life: Turn up the lights, walk in the sun, enjoy candles and lanterns and other exotic lights.
3. Listen: To music, happy or sad, whatever transports you, and sing if you want to.
4. Talk: To someone you trust, or care about, or love; yelling and crying are OK too if you feel like it.
5. Exercise: Get your heart and adrenaline pumping; sex counts too.
6. Learn Something New: What TH White said.
7. Travel: Go somewhere you've never been, or someway you've rarely travelled. Walking, trains, go-karts, bicycles, whatever you like.
8. Spend Time with Animals: Unconditional love, undemanding company.
9. Write: No rules, no editing, just writing.
10. Be Good to Yourself: Don't beat yourself up. There's nothing to be guilty for. It's not your fault. Yeah, I know you've heard this, and to some extent it's crap, but there's no point punishing yourself for things beyond your control. Give yourself a break. Do what you want to do. Don't do what you don't want to do. Give yourself time. Get angry if you feel like it. If you're up to it, treat yourself to something special. You're good, important, lovable, even if you (and others) don't believe it right now. Love yourself as soon and as much as you can. You deserve to be happy, peaceful, free of the demons and the darkness."