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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

"I don't know that I want a governor where I know what his penis looks like."


LATimes: "So Familiar Yet So Unknown"
Californians have never known more about a new governor. We've seen him naked on screen. We know about the Nazi father, the celebrity journalist wife, the bodybuilding titles and the crude behavior toward women. We have seen him in theaters, fallen asleep to his voice on television and imitated his accent.
Californians have never known less about a new governor. We've never seen him hold office. We don't know what programs he'll cut, how he'll balance the budget, how he'll negotiate with recalcitrant legislators or how he'll manage the state's bureaucracy.

OK, so Ahnold was elected - as everybody knew he would - and what can we do? Here is a guy that has NEVER served in public office. Yet, he is elected to be 'GOVERNOR' of the second most important state of the Union. What does it say about the people that elected him? NOTHING we did not know already... In the meantime, all i can do is go on enjoying the moon, coz it's cloze to me.


"Californians elected a new governor Tuesday. Sometime over the next year or so, maybe -- just maybe -- they'll find out who he is..."
"Schwarzenegger wins a new role in a landslide. But who will he play: Jesse Ventura? Pete Wilson? Playboy predator? Or tough independent who stands up to his GOP friends?"
via Salon

"Well, even though it was great for punchlines and idle dinner time conversation, the reality that Arnold Schwarzenegger is in fact the next Governor of California makes us think it's the wrong message to be sending out there, to other countries, to the aliens spying on us: If you have Nazi associations (father, random comment, whatever), a fondness for groping women not your wife, multiple $100 million grossing movies, no real political skills, and some serious white chompers, you can too can govern one of the most important states in the U.S."
via Gothamist