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Tuesday, October 07, 2003


How Do You Train a Tiger?
"Tigers, like children and dogs, can be taught to modify their behavior through the skilled application of reward and discipline. Less scrupulous trainers sometimes rely on violent measures, but most get the big cats to behave primarily by providing or withholding food."
via Slate Magazine

Tiger, Tiger
"But the ultimate illusion onstage at the MGM Mirage and at Mr. Yates's apartment was always the illusion that these animals could be tamed, an image reinforced by innumerable publicity photos of Siegfried & Roy lounging with their animals. As Montecore and Ming have proved, tigers, like all big cats, remain wild under the skin, even if they have never lived in the wild. Big cats deserve better than to be kept as pets. There are as few as 5,000 tigers remaining in the wild, down from some 100,000 a century ago. Tigers have enough trouble as it is"
via NYTimes