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Sunday, October 19, 2003


Thanks Nathon for forwarding the article
"We are, in fact, so far along in loading the world's last wide-ranging predators into the figurative and wildly aimless ark of human progress that we can almost view the events of recent weeks as part of some collective creaturely revolt, a la Alfred Hitchcock's ''The Birds.'' It's as if the animals themselves are subliminally sensing and trying to flee -- in the way they do the earliest tremblings of earthquakes -- both their complete displacement from their realm and their distorted replacement within ours. They seem naturally discomfited by the vast disconnect in our thinking about them, which can readily dismiss such things as the centuries of begrudging but mutually propitious interludes that were required to render a wolf a dog; or that can transform 400-pound tigers into apartment dwellers or apparently cute cuddle toys twirling atop glass balls. "
via NYTimes Magazine