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Friday, October 24, 2003

the wall street journal has never been a guide for fashion and, surprisingly, in today's edition it proclaims on how hipsters and other style gurus have already declared Von Dutch trucker hats passe, but customers continue to buy them in droves. (I guess that's the business twist they are using to justify the article)

I hate Trucker Hats - it's a stupid fad.
I agree with gawker when they said, back in March, that 'BLUE COLLAR CHIC' was actually an insult to the working class.
"But what's even more frightening is that this is all part of a larger, more horrifying trend: Blue Collar Chic."
"Maybe it's trust-fund-baby guilt manifesting itself in poor but superficially egalitarian fashion choices; I don't know. But let's not pretend that's a legitimate excuse. In other parts of the country, people dress like that because they need to. And if they didn't need to, they wouldn't—most of them have better taste."
Trucker hats & blue collar chic @gawkerr

But the WSJ actually nails the extremely fast pace of fashions -- actually, fads -- today:
'There's always a lag between what the fashionistas wear on city streets and what's on display at the mall. But the life cycle of fads has accelerated to a pace where trends seems overplayed right out of the gate, even though the rest of the world is just catching on. As a result, it's increasingly the case that fashions can be hot and passe at the same time.'

And gawker adds,sarcastically, it's two cents: "Well, of course. Please note: this weekend trucker hats are hot between 14th Street and 32nd Street on the West Side, are laughable between Houston and Delancey on the LES, and will pass unremarked upon on Avenue B. Make sure you bring a change of headgear if you're bar-hopping inter-neighborhood this weekend!"
Truck On: Hot and Not @ gawker