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Thursday, October 23, 2003


The weather in nyc has gone mad -- from nice to chilling in less than 24 hrs. If you are staying in bed and, like me, alone, here is a place to experience a world of blogs that you probably have not visited yet: THE CARNIVAL OF THE VANITIES.

Mr. dw and I crossed another movie off my list last night: the Cohen Brother's Intolerable Cruelty. Very entertaining, perfect for a non-date date... But I have also to give credit to the company... Where i would normally fell anxiety for having suggested the movie, i felt just so at easy. Easy company. Easy man. Enjoyable night.

and just so not to let it go by unmentioned:
"David Says 'Boozy Liza Beat Me!'"
weird news 'analysis' via gothamist
"David Gest, the estranged husband of Liza Minnelli, claims in a lawsuit filed today that the singer regularly beat him during the couple's 16-month marriage."
via smoking gun