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Thursday, November 13, 2003


"Connexion is a social network with a twist. It not only allows you to meet new people and explore the connections among your friends, but it also allows you to be informed (in a non-obtrusive manner) about that most important of American institutions: Voting."
I was flattered that a good friend had invited me to join 'Connexion'' because he said it was where his closer friends were.

The first odd thing I noticed, though, was the claim that it was somehow linked to voting, the 'most important American Institution'. Since I do not vote nor am I American that should have been my clue.

The second odd thing was how close it resembles Friendster. Visually, they have only changed the colors. My friend dismisses my point by saying that this is ''the American Way''. I have to remember to use this excuse (except I'm not American).

He also goes on to justify that Connexion was created by a Gay Man and it's not so exploited as Friendster.


That makes me take a closer look around. And I ask:

Why is this less exploitative than Friendster?
and most importantly
Where are the Gay minorities? It looks like 'Find a Rich White Boyfriend' Club (I know lots of you want to join now).

My friend again:
It's less exploitative because it's only FOUR degrees of connections to Friendster SIX (hummm?), therefore you have more control over your network (hummm?).

And, to prove his point, disconnects me without giving me a chance.


BTW, the twist they claim differentiates them - voting - I could not see any reference to it anywhere.

The site is JUST LIKE FAKESTER, but more hypochritical because they think they are even more exclusive - and therefore better than YOU and I - because they are hiding behind that American Institution (on top of the same phony profile you created on Friendster by listing the books and movies YOU IMAGINE the person YOU WANT TO MEET might be drawn to).

PS to my Friendster: I am venting about this site - NOT about you. I am still flattered (and hurt by the dismissal) that you wanted me in.