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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Hanging Garden of Babble-On

It would be amazing - and so uniquely New York (and Paris, I guess) - if a park comes true and the High Line is preserved.

Gothamist asks: What's Up With West Chelsea?
"The continuing gentrification of the formerly gritty neighborhood into "A DESTINATION" is bolstered by the future Frank Gehry designed headquarters for Barry Diller."

I'll keep dreaming of the High Line as a... swimming pool?
Many Proposals for Rusty Rail Line on the West Side: "Ernesto Mark Faunlagui of Hoboken won for his proposal to alter the viaduct through incisions and displacement, creating new openings, parapets, walls and skylight wells. And Matthew Greer of New York won for his plan to let the structure continue to evolve naturally into a kind of wild meadow.

A separate award for public access was won by Takuji Nakamura of Tokyo, who proposed illuminated shafts penetrating the viaduct, with stairs and elevators.

Other entries recreated the High Line as a farm, a fluorescent fun house, a log-flume ride, a trellis-wrapped garden, a roller coaster, a small-scale Appalachian Trail and the zones of Dante's paradise, purgatory and inferno."
NYTimes 6/1/03

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