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Thursday, November 13, 2003



When Trin Mr. DW and I finally escaped from The Matrix we thought we had arrived in Rome (or where we believed Rome used to be) but after crossing 'The Wall' we found ourselves in a totally unfamiliar parallel reality. The sign read 'B'. "With its glossy interior, all marble and mirrors, and its imposing gated entrance, the 'B' Room recalls one of those cartoon plutocrats who takes a wrong turn and gets his top hat knocked off by a Katzenjammer Kid."

We had clearly chosen the wrong door - jus as Neo had done in 'Reloaded'. We did not know what 'B' stood for and 'The Host' was not helpful - he rushed us out. We could see we did not belong.

BUT we needed answers to the questions the Matrix had just imposed on us. AND there we were back where we started, outside the door, lost again...
'B'iltmore Room
NYTimes gives it ***
290 Eighth Avenue (near 25th Street);
(212) 807-0111