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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

The Prada's on the other foot

Bravo TV announced plans for "Straight Eye for the Queer Guy"
Gays are starting to bitch. In Brazil, there is a saying: 'Pepper in someone else's eyes is refreshment' (do you have the same here? Does it translate well?).
My point is: get over it! 'Queer Eye' is a bad show that reinforces bad steriotypes. But if you do not think so, you have no right to complain about 'Straight Eye'.
Equal rights DO NOT mean special rights.

Let Me Get This Straight jokes: "Frankly, we could use a good lesson on sports and power tools. If Queer Eye can play up stereotypes, we're looking forward to our hetero brothers teaching us a thing or two."

But plasticbag is offended - and reasonably defends his point:
"Some of my gay colleagues are protesting that turning the tables back again isn't really acceptable behaviour... Their argument is that gay people already know enough about straight life - given that they've had to spend many years trying to fit into straight culture while being taught that their lives will be immoral, diseased and short-lived before erupting free from this stigma in a blaze of brightly-coloured taffeta and nicely-tapered trouser-bottoms. Their point is - I suppose - that one's a tasteless misrepresentation, and the other isn't..."
He has very good points and you should read his entire post.