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Saturday, November 22, 2003

reading the sunday times on saturday


[1] untying the knot
Week in Review
The 'serious' stuff - back in that session of the paper few people know it exists
"As the courts deal with the issue of same-sex unions, they are reconsidering a fundamental question: What is marriage?"
:: For Better or Worse: Marriage's Stormy Future
:: What Partisans Embrace, Politicians Fear
:: Gay Couples Follow a Trail Blazed by Slaves
[2] Love in the Time of No Time
in the Magazine
Online dating -- Not really a 'gay marriage article' but it should have been
"The city is full of people we can't reach. We pass them on sidewalks, sit across from them in the subway and in restaurants; we glimpse their lighted windows from our own lighted windows late at night. That's in New York."
[3] The Power of Marriage

It's an Op-Ed, you are entitled to your opinion, we do not have to agree with you...
"Even in this time of crisis, every human being in the United States has the chance to move from the path of contingency to the path of marital fidelity — except homosexuals."
"Anybody who has several sexual partners in a year is committing spiritual suicide. He or she is ripping the veil from all that is private and delicate in oneself, and pulverizing it in an assembly line of selfish sensations."
[4] For Gay Couples, New Rituals at the Altar
on Sunday Styles
I guess we DO have to consider that aspect... We do not want to be made fun of on Page Six.
"But what will this new-yet-old social ritual look like? Will same-sex couples be guided by Emily Post or will men walk down the aisle to 'Today I Met the Boy I'm Going to Marry,' as David Tutero and Ryan Jurica did last September?"
[5] How the other 0.1 percent flies.
Castles in the Sky: Gay Gay Gay!
[6] Winds of change
PICTURES OF THE TIMES: The Week of Nov. 13 to 20
Wind gusts of up to 50 m.p.h created leaf storms in downtown Brooklyn, making it difficult for pedestrians to cross the street.