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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

reconnecting messages


DW (blah@blah.blah) has asked to add you as a friend.
Please go to: and confirm whether you really are friends with D. You should accept this request if you recognize the name and email address of the individual above since others will rely on your judgment about D. If you do not recognize D, you should probably decline the request or investigate further.
Connexion Webmaster

From: DW
Subject: 'you' can make the diff...
Sent: 11/17/2003 8:33 PM
notice... connexion is running a fall recruitment drive. you could single-handedly 'diversify' the population.

ever heard the expression 'fight within the belly of the beast'?

xod (just one letter from god)

another chapter is completed in this BOOK OF FRIENDSHIP.
THANK YOU! Glad we can disagree. Static that i have a friend who listens and also hears. And speaks his mind out.

Today i had a message from that mentioned 'voting - that great American Institution and its ONLY MOST IMPORTANT differencial from similar copycats.
I feel bad because since I am a legal resident but never opted to become a citizen, i was punished by not being allowed to vote. But they allow me to keep paying all taxes...
Extra Credit: "The folks at Connexion are very interested in helping you to vote. So, as a service, we can send you an email reminding you about upcoming elections and, for those states where we have the information, we can even tell you where to go on voting day."