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Friday, December 12, 2003

David Ely: Iraq Deserves Capitalism: "Remember all that Bush rhetoric about how the entire war should be for the good of the Iraqi people? Someone explain to me how restricting free trade, thereby denying a chance that the best contractors to do the job might have a shot, can be in Iraq’s best interest?"

Bush Defends Restrictions on Iraq Contracts ( "Paul Martin, who is set to become Canada's next prime minister on Friday, told reporters yesterday that he found it difficult 'to fathom' the decision. 'I understand the importance of these kinds of contracts, but this shouldn't be just about who gets contracts, who gets business,' Martin said. 'It ought to be about what is the best thing for the people of Iraq.'"

NYT OP-ED: "Just when it looked as if there was a chance to expand international involvement in Iraq, President Bush has reversed field again and left the European allies angry, the secretary of state looking out of step, and the rest of us wondering exactly wat his policy really is."