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Friday, December 12, 2003

different pearl

"My next observation will probably hit some nerves, but I have also never seen anyone over ten inches who did not engage in homosexual sex, even if it was limited to just oral sex performed on him. (Yes, even me.) The reasoning for this is not truly clear, but some of it is that many gay men will embrace and sometimes worship those of us who are in double-digits, and often the feeling of power will be too invigorating. Sometimes the guy will pass it off as 'just satisfying some poor fag,' or lessening the impact by accepting payment ('well, he paid me'). There is also that old standby as well -- 'man, was I drunk last night!' However, the fact remains that men of extreme size will endeavor in gay sex"
by Jonah ['Omigod, it's like a giant yam'] Falcon