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Friday, December 05, 2003

it's snowing!, it's snowing!

Have i mentioned it's snowing?
New Yorkers Stock Up On Supplies To Fight Season's First Snow Storm
New Yorkers are hitting the stores in preparation for the snow storm due to hit the city Friday afternoon. Items like salt and snow shovels are flying off the shelves.
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Bluejake's West Village
Bluejake's Photoblog is starting a series on the West Village and I am looking forward to it. I HEART THE WEST VILLAGE. I knew, back when I was a little boy in Brasil, that's where I wanted to live. Thanks to Woody Allen who gave me the impression that this was what New York looked like - the ENTIRE New York. I never imagined - or wanted - to live on Christopher Street. But that's a minor flaw. If i squint when i leave my apartment I can avoid the things I do not like about it. And then we go, SQUINTING THRU LIFE...

Favorite Movies
Hannah and Her Sisters


Mickey is seen leaving the hospital. He strides slowly, his shoulders slouched, his hands in his pockets.
His voice is heard over the screen as he crosses the street, continuing his self-absorbed walk on the opposite side.
Occasional traffic goes by.
Okay...take it easy. He didn't say you had anything. He just doesn't like the spot on your X-ray, that's all. It doesn't mean you have anything. Don't jump to conclusions. (sighing) Nothing's gonna happen to you.
You're in the middle of New York City. This is your town. You're surrounded by people and traffic and restaurants.
kill bill, vol.1
Finally saw Kill Bill Vol. 1: "Quentin Tarantino's fourth movie, his first in six years, is astonishingly violent, intermittently fascinating and sometimes tedious."
And I have to agree with the NYTimes for a change.
gotta love these gifted writers...
"Why is he having a CUBAN MUSCLE CRISIS? He wants to go ballistic on your ass, shove his missile down your butthole, and drop his payload on your Bay of Pigs!"
The Cuban Missile Crisis, revisited in 2003
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from my sister...
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...who seems to know me too well...
In the year 2000 the recording artist once named Pink will be called 'Beige' when people realize that that's the color you get when you mix her name with the crap she records.'