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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Questions for Raymond Damadian

The scientist who thinks he was cheated out of the Nobel Prize swears he no longer wants it anyway, thank you very much. So what does he want?
"What do you think it means to be the author of an idea?

It depends on its potency, but I can tell you that the pain and torment scales directly with the magnitude of the idea.

What long-suffering innovators come to mind?

They all suffered. Newton was subjected to a lot of harassment and got progressively more cloistered, and Semmelweis died in a mental institution.

It's a cliche to say creative people are brilliant but unhinged?

It's an issue of cause and effect. It's hard to understand what a person's going through unless you've been in the center of it. People call you mad -- it's tough stuff to go through."