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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

The Cheating Culture

Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong to Get Ahead

* Tax evasion costs the government over $250 billion a year.
* Nearly half of resumes contain lies.
* 80 percent of "A" students admit cheating.
* Employee theft totals $600 billion, or 6 percent of GDP.
* 39 percent of workers say senior managers they work for lack integrity.
* Half of all major leaguers are using steroids.
* Ethics problems in law, medicine, accounting, and other professions worsened in the 1990s.

Why MORE cheating?
* Today's inequality means bigger paychecks for winners and less security for everyone else. More people will do anything to succeed, starting from a young age.
* The new bottom-focus on profits and efficiency exerts pressures on people to cut corners at work.
* Government regulators don't have the resources to crack down on cheating, especially by the super wealthy.
* American values have changed since the 1970s. We have become more selfish, more focused on money, and more cutthroat.
* Cheating takes on a life of its own. People cheat because "everybody does it."