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Thursday, January 15, 2004


Warsaw's Mayor to Cancel Visit
The mayor of Warsaw said Tuesday that he would cancel a visit to the United States to protest its policy of fingerprinting visitors as part of new antiterror measures.

Brazil Jails American Airlines Pilot Over Fingerprinting Snub
The dispute heightened Brazilian-American tensions that started Jan. 1 when Brazil demanded that arriving American citizens — and American citizens alone — be photographed and fingerprinted. The policy was in retaliation for increased security measures in the United States that require citizens of all but 27 countries, mostly European, to undergo nearly identical procedures.

OK. This is getting serious. In spite of the situation in the US that has 'created' the need to fingerprint tourists, I think if such measure is adopted it should be equal to ALL countries. Why are some (27, mostly europeans) more equal than others??? What is to say a terrorist has not become a german citizen? (As some Al-Qaed cells were found in Germany where Muslim Immigrants had married german citizens and become themselves germans). It's not a well thought out policy and it feels - or comes across - as racist.