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Wednesday, February 11, 2004


The Smoking Gun has the details of the proposed class action lawsuit filed "on behalf of all Americans" filed by a Tenessee woman for damages she and her fellow Americans suffered for being exposed to Janet Jackson being exposed by Justin Timberlake at the SuperBowl. The Hypocrisy Bowl
"In a way, Justin and Janet did us a favor. They spelled out the subtext of the game and its surrounding culture. A culture that tells young men they can't formulate a thought deeper than 'Show us your tits.' A culture that pushes young women to put out for the market, then ridicules them when they do. A culture swinging between cynical sex-sells greed and moral parentalism. A culture obsessed by, and terrified of, a human organ that gives sustenance to babies. And a culture that apparently can't tell the difference between contextually appropriate nudity and a rape fantasy. By the end of Jackson and Timberlake's song, that culture was naked."