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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

do you know mr. v?

"Some where along the night they mentioned his name, and there is only one person I know by that name. So I looked at them dumbfounded and thought, here we go again, and we cracked up about it."
Circuit parties are like Friendster but in real life
Friends of Vasco: Mr. C said he enjoyed the White Party especially because my friends are 'good people'. Actually, I hear that often. So I begin to wonder...

I had a blast at the White Party. It felt intimate. It felt great. It felt.

I did not enjoy Alegria. I guess I was tired, worn out.
I only went because I really was looking forward to seeing Joey & Dean again. the plan: 2 am at the entrance of the 'tunnel' that leads to the dance floor. I was there but somehow we missed each other as I heard they were looking for me later.
I left around 4.