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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Body&soul 2004 reunion

last dance
The pictures are courtesy of my friend Sarge8X6
who, thankfully, did not listen to me but to the last rule: "Follow your instincts, and fuck 'em if they don't like 'em."
and provided the means (the extra ticket) for me to go.
thank you thank you thank you
this is a personal selection of memories captured by him. if you want you can see all the pictures he took

This was his second time to body&soul. The first was the 'last night' when they had this unbelievable emotional and physical marathon. The club shelter had become arc and the trademark industrial fans had been removed and air condioning finally installed. after years...
well, it had broken down the night before.
EVERYBODY was there. It was summer. It was hot. It was hotter than ever.
a few times i felt i was going to have a heart attack on the dance floor. As the night progressed it was impossible to dance a whole song without stepping out for water.
It was hot.
It was unforgettable.

following are sarge's review of the place. right on:
"Wow. Almost 2 years since shuttering their legendary downtown club, the Body&Soul crew gave us a reunion party that made me ACHE for B&S to return to regular weekly parties! The room was murderously hot, but the smiles on the faces of that impossible-anywhere-else crowd made the sweating all worth it. Gay, straight, both. Black, white, neither. Foreign, native, and truly alien. Spectacular. When I entered the room, I paused on the steps and broke into a huge idiot grin at all the exuberant dancing. A very tall black queen saw me, and reached over to pat my head, saying: 'Welcome home, sweetheart'. The room was a Who's Who of house royalty. I spotted DJs Danny Tenaglia, Lil Louie Vega, David Mancuso, and Tommy Bones. And up in the booth, of course: Francois Kevorkian, Danny Krivit and Joe Clausell. Big songs: Always There- Side Effect, Do I Do -Stevie Wonder,Relight My Fire-Dan Hartman, Movin'-Brass Construction,Feel Up-Grace Jones. James Brown,Teddy Pendergrass...BLISS!"

Body&Soul, like TheSaint, is one of those places that will make future generations mad because they did not experienced it. And never will.

There is no place like home.