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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

The Christ

 the theI went to see The Passion of The Christ last night and while I understand that anti-semitism is rampant around the world - and I have blogged a lot about it before - and it's just plain unacceptable to send out messages that reinforce that feeling, I did not find the movie particularly anti-Semitic (?). It's a historic view-point that should be watched with a critical eye. Hey, the guy that helps him carry THE cross is a Jew...

Now, is it uplifting? No. Well done? Yes. Gimmicky? Somewhat.

But will someone explain to me why the THE in 'The Passion of The Christ'?


my good (Jewish) friend (who refused to go see 'the THE' with me) mr. df wants you to watch Interview With God.


In an earlier post linking the movie to the trend of arts' appropriation of s/m imagery, we are told that "JIM CAVIEZEL is no stranger to whips and chains; his flogging in The Count of Monte Cristo made him the poster child for hot, demoralizing martyrdom way back in 2002—a heavy cross to bear".