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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

La Musto

She was so good this week I wanted to blog the whole thing. We have the same 'sensibility'...

  • The cast of Stepford Wives is a who's who of wait a minute, but in a potentially appealing, Oscar-winner-meet-country-star-on-the-way-to-Hollywood-Squares sort of way.

  • The same goes for Johnny Guitar, a smirky version of the old noir western in which two butch babes battle it out amid the cacti. At intermission, a man cornered me and aptly said "Tedious," but then the stage antics picked up, cementing this crazy new trend where it's almost worth staying for Act Two! (But next time, people, please leave the camp to drag queens—or Bette Midler.)

  • Vanity Fair has always promoted white long after Labor Day. In fact, there are fewer African Americans on that publication's cover than in Fiddler on the Roof.

  • Journalist TONY PHILLIPS is writing a Gay City News piece on the arts' appropriation of s/m imagery. (...) The Passion of the Christ is part of the thesis, especially since a distributor told Phillips that the film's second biggest ticket presale group—after the crucifixion-for-lunch bunch—has been the heavy-duty bondage crowd! And not just masochists!

  • Jayson Blair told DAN FORBES of that the coke-crack-and-a-little-heroin-for-sex acts he engaged in were with men! (Hey, I win the office pool; though funny, so does everyone else.) Blair also revealed that he's sorting out sexual issues and "drugs are a way to make myself comfortable with sex." Welcome to Chelsea, honey.

  • TONY KUSHNER's work in progress, Only We Who Guard the Mystery Shall Be Unhappy, has a scene in which LAURA BUSH reads The Brothers Karamazov to a group of dead Iraqi children!

  • A former pig-bottom porn star is now the assistant to one of Hollywood's most powerful flacks. No, wait, that's not a career move at all!