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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Godzilla: Uncut

"The marquee of the Castro Theater features an upcoming showing of 'Godzilla: Uncut.' This makes me very nervous." dogpoet
  1. very hot dog. thanks mr. df for forwarding the link. not safe for work

  2. South San Francisco BART Station

  3. Queer Music Heritage: Mr. JJ, what's your opinion on this one?

  4. Dept. of the especially descriptive logo

  5. a cartoon from iraq

  6. Restaurant Magazine: the 50 best restaurants in the world. you do not have to agree. i don't, but whadduino? ALTHOUGH, I did eat on the top rated NY restaurant, Gramercy Tavern. A 'Chef's Tasting Menu' (meaning you don't get to choose what is coming - he does) that consisted mostly of Sweetbreads. I HATE SWEETBREADS...

  7. tall restroom

  8. "in the dark with my eyes closed"

  9. Madonna Goes to War
    "I find myself in the ludicrous position of being sued by my own record company"

[image: Painter by Mr. JJ]