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Monday, April 26, 2004

i saw jesus!

Frankie Knuckles @ CIELO (04.18.04)
photos by mr. jj
click here and help me create a definition for 'i saw jesus'. i can't believe one does not exist already...
ps: i'm the one on the right. i thought i had a butt.

  1. Quentin Tarantino Stalker
    mr.jj was right about tarantino in the village. but where was sofia?
  2. word of the day
    quality of which seem "unstable", and have an aural "need" to resolve to a "stable" condition.
  3. Value of foreskin
    Many gay men have either a passionate worship of or a great distaste for foreskin.
  4. Perks of Being a Famous and Rich Man or Good-Looking Lady.
    Gothamist on Salman Rushdie's wedding
  5. National Geographic Map Machine
  6. IRAQ THE MODEL: "who we would like to have as a president in the transitional period"
    He should be at least 84 years old with life expectancy of no more than 90 and He should have at least 2 chronic illnesses (organic) with no possible cure.
  7. pictures of the women march on washington dc.