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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

photo by Gothamist: The Bobst Library
  1. Interactive $50 Bill
  2. Fake Bonsai Trees
  3. The expensive reality of living in the city:
    Homeless at NYU
  4. blythe Blythe
    photo by manipulation, the new addition to my photoblog daily...
  5. Queen Mary 2
    bluejake has great pictures. i'm in the top one.
  6. i heart ny, reason #97
    keeping off the grass
  7. Karl Lagerfeld Has 40 IPods
    or a 40G one, not sure.
  8. my desktop wallpaper du jour
    the baby daddy calendar on the right
  9. A Tale of Two Romans
    with 1 week apart Cate Blanchet and Debra Messinger give birth to boys and name them roman
  10. rich people often tip the least.
    money is not an issue. to them.
  11. Obituaries - Thomas Corbally, "the original James Bond"
    "he taught King Hussein of Jordan to water-ski, had Mother Teresa’s private phone number, and was licensed to carry a gun in London. He was romantically linked with some of the richest and most beautiful women in the US." "Corbally, whose looks were compared to those of Jason Robards and voice to that of Johnny Cash, dressed immaculately."