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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Via the Dead to Life

Margolles focuses not on the dead but on the physical traces left by death, violence and social exclusion and uses them as didactic and cathartic elements of a subtle and disturbing socially critical art.
life dead

Paintings by Teresa Margolles made by dipping paper "into the water used to clean human corpses after autopsies" (Part of her ''Muerte Sin Fin'' exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt.)

  1. Korean Food, the most underrated food out there.
    32nd Street between Mad and 6th is Koreatown and I use to have lunch there all the time when I worked nearby. But my favorite Korean Restaurant used to be Dok Suni's, on First Ave. between 7th St. & St. Marks. Is it still there?

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  3. The Hard Rocco Café:
    The Restaurant isn't just a series about the cutthroat culinary business but also a parable about the dangers of selling your soul – and your spaghetti – to reality TV.

  4. Top 100 Biggest Cities in the U.S.

  5. I heart the w3, reason #87: Parking Spots
    - photos of people holding up toy cars to fit in with real surroundings.