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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Appearances 2

The Perfect Margaret Trigg is a must-read 'true re-account' of the life of everybody I know, including myself. With varying degrees of obsession about our appearance (from healthy to margaret), only some details change. The outcome is one, thankfully.

I was a thin kid, a no-no in a Latin society where subconsciously food equals love. A thin kid meant one of two things (sometimes both):
1. You were poor.
2. You did not love him enough to feed him.
Being middle-class culturally more so than financially, it was a source of headache to my parents. They started using means, physical and psychological, to force me to 'clean my plate'. To this day, I am unable to stop eating until all the food is gone from my plate.

I became an overweight adolescent.

My parents were happy but I was miserable. I'm not certain how I came up with the idea to use laxatives and diuretic but it was not until my 20's I was able to shit again on my own. Aren't you glad I'm telling you that?

Please, please, read Margaret's story.